Project Overview:

OD Excellence hired ConvoSpark to provide a more flexible, customizable, and branded online registration process and management platform for their vendors.

Events Serviced

  • International Vision Conference 2015 (San Diego, CA)

Products/Services Provided:

  • Online Registration
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Custom Development
  • Professional Services

Directly from OD Excellence: “Our concern was to not repeat what issues we went through with our last product and services with ExpoCad.  The Vendors found navigating through their screens to register, purchase a booth and add other items was very cumbersome.  They ended up calling us direct and having us walk them through the screens or do it for them.  Very time consuming on everyone’s part”


ConvoSpark recognized that they needed a more customizable approach along with the professional service and support so that their vendor registration process was as seamless as possible. We customized, configured, and integrated our Interactive Floor Plan within our provided registration form so that vendors could complete every step without any stone unturned.


Less phone calls from vendors, a seamless registration process, and more time for the OD Excellence team to focus on other important matters for their event.

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