Why We’re Different

ConvoSpark exists to arm event producers and show management with efficient, easy-to-use, engaging technology along with above and beyond professional services and support so that your events run like a well oiled machine. With ConvoSpark, you will feel like you have another event specialist on your team, not another vendor to manage.


Headquartered in San Francisco, we also have satellite offices across the globe with only the best of the best, so we’re literally working around the clock. We are one of the few if any truly white glove service providers in the event technology space, so you know you not only have the best technology but you also have a service oriented team to support it.

MISSION STATEMENTTo empower event planners with simple solutions that maximize efficiency and create ultimate attendee experience. 


  • John Connolly
    John ConnollyVP of Sales
    • Sanof Sadakathulla
      Sanof SadakathullaSr. Project Manager
      • Aqeel Ahmad
        Aqeel AhmadChief Technology Officer
        • Shoaeb Shams
          Shoaeb ShamsAdvisor
          • Derek Manuel
            Derek ManuelCEO
            • Justin Bernzweig
              Justin BernzweigAccount Manager

              OUR CORE VALUES

              1. Good is the enemy of great, ecstatic clients over happy clients

              To us, a content client is not enough, we strive to make our clients ecstatic about us. Customer service is of the utmost importance no matter which team member is working with them and whatever stage of the project, from the initial phone call to following up after delivery. We strive to go above and beyond, investing in long term ecstatic clients even for a short term “loss” in other areas.

              4. Everyone is a Leader

              Our team, whether the co-founder or a new intern, will be looked upon as, trained as, and expected to be a leader. A leader of themselves and of their responsibilities. Everyone will be empowered to make critical decisions, and will also take full responsibility for those decisions. Everyone will strive to be an example rather than a subject, to serve rather than manage, and to bring their own unique strengths and perspectives to the team while living the values of the company.

              2. People over Product

              In any dilemma within the company, we will always choose people over product as the resolution. If our clients have a problem with one of our products, we will resolve with our relationship rather then merely trying to fix a bug. We will always value a lunch with a client over a screen share, our clients will always know the core teams name and interests as we will of their’s. Investing in our employees will always take precedence over our products, whether that’s monetarily, time, training, enhancements, or support.

              5. Systematic Success

              Our company will grow like a prototype of a franchise, as if it was to be duplicated 1000 times. Every product, service, and solution will be developed with a systematic mindset, making it more efficient to reach the desired end and more effective for the people involved. Every process will be refined to a science while still following the values of number 2 and 3.

              3. Never settle, striving for continuous improvement everyday in every way

              If it’s not broken, break it and build a better version. We will never be a company that rests on its laurels, and we will never stop improving our products, service and our people. We believe the heart of successful technology is its ability to adapt, evolve, and improve – and so to will our organization as a whole. There will never be a final version of any of our products, we will never stop learning and getting better as professionals and as leaders, and we will never stop trying to provide a better service next year to our clients than last year. 

              6. Work for results, play hard

              We are a culture that honors results over merely “working hard.” It is not enough to be busy, but what are you busy about. The employee who works 4 hours, then lays on the beach the other 4, but produces 2 units, will be recognized over the employee who works 8 hours to produce 1 unit. We are a company that works to produce results, and plays hard to enjoy the journey and experience.

              7. Simplicity in everything

              Keep it simple. When all is said and done, we strive for simplicity as the end result. Simple and easy to use products that are equally simple to learn. As the company grows so too does the simplicity of every process. We strive to make the execution of our client events as simple as possible. We strive to get our message across as simply as possible. Though there will be many days when there seems to be piles of work to be done, we reduce our productivity to a simple plan of action.

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