Online Registration

We don’t just provide you with another software to figure out and manage, we build it for you. Our front end online registration forms offer more customization, flexibility, and complete branding than any other provider.

Our admin offers the most flexible and powerful sorting, reporting, and exporting options possible. Here are some of the standard features:

  • Fully customizable registration fields
  • Multiple user paths and attendee types
  • Customized branding
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Payment gateway integration
  • White glove services & support

Mobile Event Applications

The printed event guide is nearly extinct and being replaced by mobile event apps. Utilize mobile technology to display agendas, session information, speakers, sponsors, attendees, floor plans, passport programs, and a whole lot more. With your mobile app you now have the power to generate more buzz and attendee engagement pre-event, onsite, and post event. Here are some standard features:

  • Activity feed
  • Mobile Agendas
  • Attendee networking
  • Surveys & Polling
  • Sponsorship marketing opportunities
  • Ability to post PDF’s and URL’s within the app
  • Push notifications and promoted posts
  • Professional services to maximize app features
  • Native for iPhone, iPad, Android, and compatible for all smartphones

Interactive Floor Plans

Your floor plan, just better. We start with your map, rebuild it and host it on a webpage, add your branding and give you the tools to manage your inventory. We’ll make it easy for you to sell booths online OR just manage the booth selection process after the contract has come in. Tired of sending PDFs back and fourth? Our interactive floor plans show which booths are taken (and by whom), which are still available and all in real-time.
  • Sell your booths in real-time
  • Seamless booth selection process
  • All maps are mobile and tablet compatible
  • Hover over to see details of specific booths
  • Cut down on exhibitor emails!

Mobile Lead Scanning

Rid of the old school and expensive badge scanning hardware and move into the more cost effective and efficient method of mobile scanning that exhibitors come to expect. With the simple download of our app, exhibitors can seamlessly scan leads with their own mobile device. Furthermore, exhibitors receive their leads instantly and in real time, and can export them any time they want. Exhibitors can also have unlimited number of scanning devices per booth thanks to the app.

  • Exhibitors download the app right to their own phone
  • Real time lead scanning
  • Instant export capabilities
  • Unlimited number of scanning devices per booth
  • Custom branding for your event
  • Guaranteed more cost effective solution than traditional hardware devices

Exhibitor Resource Center

Tired of managing exhibitors manually through hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, and tedious spreadsheet updates? Provide each of your exhibitors with their own customized portal. This means every exhibitor will only see information relevant to their purchase for your event. Within a simple, branded, and easy to use portal, your exhibitors can now get all the answers to their endless questions. Plus, they’ll have access to an intuitive task list with explicit instructions on when each deliverable is due and how to submit it directly through the portal.

  • Highly customizable and branded for your event
  • Intuitive task list page customized for each exhibitor
  • Robust reporting, sorting, and exporting capabilities
  • Exhibitor upload and admin download capabilities

Regardless of Your Event Type, We’ve Got You Covered

External Corporate Events

User conferences and partner summits are a great place to outwardly showcase your awesome mobile technology

Internal Kickoffs & Meetings

Internal SKO’s, leadership forums and  incentive programs can benefit from mobile apps

Trade Shows & Expos

Trade shows, expos and and conventions ROI rely on data driven technology


Develop cohesiveness and awareness throughout your association via a quality mobile app

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  • We are receiving so many compliments from our vendors regarding your app.  They love the ease of navigation and ability to enter their data.  Thanks so much for making us look good!

    Johanna Lieblein, Director, Corporate Meetings and Event Planning
    Johanna Lieblein, Director, Corporate Meetings and Event PlanningOD Excellence
  • The most enjoyable part about working with ConvoSpark, is the willingness to work with us and make the changes or at least work arounds, that we require.  The word NO  or not possible has never entered into any of the conversations. ConvoSpark is a pleasure to work with and accountable for their work.

    Eileen Cukier, Senior Corporate Event Planner
    Eileen Cukier, Senior Corporate Event PlannerOpenText

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