Mobile Event Apps

Ready to take attendee engagement to the next level? Our app’s built in social network will allow your attendees to connect in a whole new way. Get them networking pre-event, meeting on-site and leave the conference feeling more connected and educated than ever before! 

App Features

Activity Feed
Debatably the most important feature of the app, the activity feed gives your attendees a reason to come back! Attendees can post status updates, photos, comments, check-ins, and more. As an admin, use the activity feed to post important information, updates, surveys, polls, and more!
Exhibitor Lead Retrieval
Enable badge scanning directly through the app so that exhibitors can easily collect attendee contact info and you can track session totals. No more waiting days or weeks for exhibitors to get their leads. They have access to them in real-time and can download them at any time they want.
Surveys & Polls
Easily create surveys and push them out to attendees via push notifications or a promoted post. This will allow attendees to see and take the survey immediately after a lunch, session, keynote session, etc. Get real-time feedback by creating simple, one or two question surveys.
Get your attendees familiar with the venue before they even arrive! Post one or multiple floor plans within the app so that attendees can easily navigate themselves to different areas of the conference.
Push Notifications & Promoted Posts
Keep attendees engaged by pushing them alerts directly to their phone. Remind them of upcoming keynotes, changes to the session, hints about the evening event entertainment and more!
Agenda & Speakers
Attendees can easily see all important details of each section like: session abstract, location, average audience size, speaker name and more. When the user clicks on the speaker associated with the session, he or she will be brought to that speakers page. On the speaker page, attendee can see more information about the speaker as well as the upcoming sessions he or she is speaking at.
Give exhibitors a dedicated section within the app where they will all be displayed in a searchable list. List includes logo and company name. Once the user clicks into an exhibitor profile, he will see more information about their company including text, links, images, videos, and more.
Sell ad space within your event application and increase sponsorship revenue for the conference. Give sponsors their own section within the app and allow them to display text, images, links, web pages, videos and more.
Multiple Events
Easily manage multiple events with a single CMS system. Toggle between your different events as you customize each app and  push out content. Attendees can easily jump back and forth between different shows as well.

completely customizable

We configure your app custom for your conference. This includes custom sections, layouts, colors, logos, icons, content and more.

All Inclusive Pricing

We aren’t here to nickel and dime you. Our app comes with all the features you see below for one set price. No hidden fees.

For All Mobile Devices

Our app is compatible across all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. The app also features and offline mode.

Dedicated Support

Work directly with one of our account managers to build the app, manage content, create a communication strategy, and more.

Powered by DoubleDutch

Our event app is powered 100% by DoubleDutch’s state of the art platform. With DoubleDutch’s flexible CMS system, we’re able to customize your app and integrate third party web-apps.

Instagram & FB Like Design

Ever seem like people are addicted to Facebook and Instagram on their phones? The reason is because they’re always curious as to what their friends are doing or saying. Our app’s Activity Feed mirrors this phenomenon which is why our user engagement rates are so high.

Integrate with your registration system

If you think it doesn’t make sense for an attendee to have to go through a long registration process to register for the event, THEN have to do it all over again in the mobile app – we’re with you. We can integrate with your event registration so that attendees are automatically set-up in the mobile app after registering for the conference.

scan qr codes with the mobile app

No need to rent expensive badge scanners and lead retrieval devices. Our mobile app allows the exhibitors to collect leads with the app’s build in bar code and QR code scanner. Don’t forget to track session attendance with the app as well!

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