With ConvoSpark’s ERC, Magento’s sponsorship fulfillment team was able to cut down on dozens of hours, emails and phone call collecting from exhibitors prior to the event, and the onsite errors and questions were brought down to almost zero. As we recall on the live training demo for exhibitors, one exhibitor even commented “This is the best ERC I’ve EVER seen!” Though we couldn’t find who was the contact for that comment, we want to say here, thank you very much and we’re glad you liked it!

Project Overview:

Magento brought on ConvoSpark to provide software and services to help with the sponsor and exhibitor fulfillment team and better manage and execute the overall process.

Events Serviced:

  • Imagine Commerce 2015 (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Imagine Commerce 2016 (Las Vegas, NV)

Products/Services Provided:

  • Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC)
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Professional Services
  • Onsite Support

As one of the worlds largest and dependable eCommerce platforms, Magento’s conferences continue to have more and more exhibitors and sponsors at their event. Collecting exhibitors content, in the right format, and on time, along with informing exhibitors of other important updates leading up to the event can be an extremely time consuming task done manually.

Magento needed a platform that can do all of this and more, not only to save time but to reduce the margin of error during the fulfillment process.


ConvoSpark customized and branded our ERC platform specifically for their needs. Everything from the welcome e-mail, login page, home page, task page, resource page, and more, all customized and configured to match their branding and process for collecting from exhibitors.

Additionally ConvoSpark provided our Interactive Floor Plan and connected it within their ERC as another tool for both the fulfillment team and exhibitor alike.

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