A one-stop-shop for your exhibitors to complete deliverables, download important information, and get themselves 100% ready to come onsite.

Here are a few features that come standard with every ERC…

  • Customized task list for each exhibitor/sponsor level
  • Task list that allows exhibitors to see due dates, see specs, upload docs, and mark items off as “complete”
  • Resources tab for exhibitors to download PDFs, Excel files, zip files and more
  • Interactive floor plan to keep an eye on the booth selection process
  • Completely custom branded for your show
  • Admin ability to run reports to see which exhibitors have completed certain tasks
  • Bulk download exhibitor files
  • Export content (company descriptions, etc.) to CSV or Excel
Tired of going back and fourth with exhibitors, answering the same question about how to complete a certain deliverable? Tired of hounding them trying to get them to send you logos, graphics, company descriptions and other files?

With our Exhibitor Resource Center (ERC), exhibitors will have all the the information they need to see what items are due, when they are due by and exactly how to complete them. They can upload files directly to the portal and mark them off as “complete” so they always know what still needs to be completed.

Our platform will limit certain file types so that if you need a logo in EPS, the exhibitor CAN’T upload their JPEG file ­čśë Streamline your exhibitor management process with our simple to use and highly effective ERC.

Robust Dashboards and Automated Reports 

Easily generate or automate custom reports sent directly to your inbox. Our real-time dashboards will always give you the latest look at all of your important registration numbers.& upload documents.

Admin Mobile App

With the Admin Mobile App, you always have access to the most important information about your event: Total revenue, Total attendees, Registration over time, Exhibitor sales pipeline.

Salesforce Integrations

Not only are we built on Force.com, we also have the ability to integrate with your current Salesforce account. We’ll configure your database so that your event data lives within Salesforce.

Secure Payment Processing

Securely manage multiple payment types in one place with various currency options, discount codes and event registration types. Save time with automated purchase confirmation emails.

Email Marketing Automation

Boost registration numbers by sending targeted, professional looking emails to your database. You can segment your lists in the system and schedule automatic emails to go out on certain dates.



Pre-print or print badges on demand. Use barcodes or RFID to collect data at sessions and exhibitor lead retrieval.


Give exhibitors the ability to scan leads using their mobile device. Leads are automatically sent to exhibitors’ account and available for export in real-time.


We guarantee a smooth registration process from start to finish which is why we offer on-site support to guide you through the stressful show opening and beyond.


With our partner country-wide partner network, we are able to deliver the brightest and hardest working temps available.


Send all attendees a QR code via email prior to the event and allow them to check in with their mobile device. Speed up the lines at check in by eliminating the need to register with lap tops and check IDs.


Always have a pulse on your on-site checked-in registration numbers with our real-time reporting system.


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